Drumm Farm Golf Club - Membership Q & A

Q: What are the short term and long term plans for the club?
A: We will upgrade and improve the current clubhouse. Construction on the new fitness center began in late December 2014, and opened in mid-March 2015. We also added GPS to our current golf cars in 2015. We are also looking at a possible expansion of the patio.

Q: What are the plans for improving the golf course?
A: With regional supervision of the golf course, new equipment, an aggressive maintenance schedule and financial commitment from our ownership you can expect to see vast improvement in the condition of the golf course. We will be repairing some turf along with the bunkers as needed, as well as improving cart paths.

Q: What member events will you offer?
A: Member/Guest, Club Championship, Member/Member, Men’s & Women’s League just to name a few. We will also have all of our leagues that we had in the past. They will continue on as normal. We will also be having our monthly couple’s events as well.

Q: What playing privileges do Drumm Farm Members have at other GreatLife Courses?
A: Drumm Farm Members have the following privileges at other GreatLife Courses:

  • Play Liberty Hills, Leavenworth, River Oaks or any GreatLife Premier Golf Course anytime for $16
  • Play Canyon Farms Monday for $30
  • Play Staley Farms Tuesday for $30

Q: What are the rates to play the Championship Course if you are an Executive Member?
A: If you are an Executive Member you can continue to pay the cart rate ($20+tax) for all League Events. For any other given day, you will have to pay the normal guest rate for that day.  There is no benefit to play the Championship course if you are an Executive Member. Remember you can upgrade to the Championship course for just $79.99 a month!

Q: Why are range balls not included in the 2016 membership rates?
A: The range balls are not included in the new 2016 rates due to some of the members stating they do not use the range that often. We decided to offer this as an a la carte item for those who would be interested.  

Q: Are there any incentives for paying in full?
A: You are more than welcome to pay in full, but there are no incentives at this time.

Q: Will there be junior, senior, or corporate rates?
A: Not at this time.

Q: I have a Weekday Membership, Monday –Thursday.  Will this type of membership be available to me as I do not play on the weekends?
A: At this time, we are not offering a weekday membership.

Q: Will we eventually raise our prices?
A: We will make this decision based on the amount of memberships during this first year. If it changes, it will be a modest increase in price. We will never increase the cost of the membership during your contract terms.

Q: Why can't we play the other GreatLife properties more often?
A: Playing other properties is solely based on the dues each of the clubs pay. If you want to play more of our courses we suggest doing what several other members have done which is to simply upgrade to either the Canyon Farms Membership or the Staley Farms Membership. You can then play the other courses much more often. See Megan for details on this great idea some members have discovered!

Q: What if I already have a fitness membership; can you deduct the $14.99 off of my dues?
A: GreatLife KC believes in living a healthy lifestyle and we feel it is an added bonus to use our facility. The fitness center opened in mid-March. We do not build in the $14.99 to our memberships. Our memberships are simply golf memberships with the added bonus of fitness if you chose to take advantage of our gym.

Q: Have you looked into dredging the pond?
A: At this point, this is not something we have looked into. Dredging ponds can be very expensive. The previous owner did research this option, and they found the project too costly compared to the little increase in water storage. This may be something we research in the future.

Q: What exactly is the water charge on the membership contract?
A: We like to be very upfront with out members. We care about the course conditions as much as the members. We feel that if we are forced to buy water from the city, the members can help us with this expense. Members can be charged a maximum of $225 in a calendar year, broken out monthly. This is something we will communicate to our members if the time comes.